Middle Years November 2017

Respect all around

Being respectful will make your middle schooler’s relationships better at school and at home. Here are ways he can show respect for him- self, other people, and the world around him.

Respecting himself
Tweens with self-respect are more likely to stick to their values and say no to risky behaviors. Teach your child to check in with himself before he makes decisions. Say a friend invites him to a party where parents won’t be home. He could think about what might go on there and say, “Thanks, but that’s not for me.”

Respecting others
Explain that showing respect will make it easier for your tween to get along with adults and peers and help him earn their respect, too. He can do that by treating people as he wishes to be treated. For instance, he should eat snacks in the kitchen at a friend’s house if that’s the family’s policy (even if he eats in the living room at your house). Also, he’ll respect classmates by doing what he says he will, such as completing his part of a project he’s doing with a partner.

Respecting the environment
Encourage your middle grader to adopt the motto, “Leave a place better than you found it.” To put that into practice, he might throw away trash that he sees in your neighborhood or at a park. Conserving resources is another way to respect nature. He can turn lights off when he leaves a room and shut water off while brushing his teeth.

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