Middle Years March 2018

Planning for standardized tests

When your middle grader takes a standardized test, having a plan will boost his confidence and help him do his best. Here are strategies to use every step of the way.

The week before…
Encourage your child to try his hardest on practice tests. Even if they’re not graded,
the results can reveal what he needs to brush up on. Suggest that he try to figure out where he went wrong on incorrect answers and ask his teacher if he’s not sure. This may prevent him from making similar mistakes on the actual test.

The day before…
Being well rested and well fed can keep your tween focused and alert. Before bedtime, help him plan a break- fast with protein and whole grains. You might hard-boil eggs while he sets out a cereal box, bowl, and spoon. Then, he’ll need a good night’s sleep (at least 9–11 hours). Tip: Have him pack a healthy snack like an apple, whole-grain crackers, and water, if allowed.

The day of…
Your middle grader should think care- fully about how to approach different types of questions. If he’s given a passage to read, he might skim the questions first so he knows what information to focus on. For multiple-choice math problems, he could solve first, then look to see if his solution is among the choices — if so, it’s likely correct.

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