Middle Years December 2017

Be productive!

Homework? Check. Take pictures for photography class? Check. Do the dishes? Check.

Knowing what to do and getting it done will make your tween’s life run more smoothly and help her be more successful. Share these four strategies.

1. Pick what’s important
Suggest that your child make a daily to-do list—with priorities. She might divide her list into what must be done today and what can wait until the next day. A good tip: Encourage her to keep her list manageable. Writing down everything she needs to do all month may just lead to frustration.

2. Use “prime time”
Maybe your tween is a morning person and concentrates better then. If so, she could review for tests on the bus or do projects on weekend mornings. If she’s more alert after school or at night, however, she can focus her energies then.

3. Snap into a positive mood
If your middle schooler isn’t feeling motivated, encourage her to do some- thing that puts her in a good mood. She might watch birds at the bird feeder, take a walk around the block, or play with slime. Changing her frame of mind can help her get started.

4. Put away distractions
While technology is supposed to help us be productive, it often gets in the way. Have your child place any devices she’s not using for homework across the room and shut off. (After all, it’s easier to procrastinate with a video if her tablet is powered on and within reach!)

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