Help Keep Our Students Safe

Morning Drop-off – There are only two lanes for morning drop off.  The outermost third lane is for KMS staff, deliveries, and others conducting morning business at KMS.  Dropping students off in the third lane delays those people and endangers your child because cars in the second lane do not expect student to  be crossing under or around the ropes to get to the curb.
Afternoon Pick-up – The school parking lot opens five minutes after the end of school.
   Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays     school ends at  1:55 pm          lot opens at  2:00 pm
   Wednesdays                                     school ends at  2:00 pm          lot opens at  2:05 pm
   Fridays                                               school ends at  2:15 pm          lot opens at  2:20 pm
The five minutes allows students enough time to get from their last class of the day to the pick up area and expedites the traffic flow.  Be aware that Funchal Street is a no parking zone –  you can get cited by the Police because parking on Funchal may cause a back up of traffic in the right turn lane from Pauoa Road onto Funchal.
Please drive with Aloha and respect the instructions and requests from our KMS Security Staff who keep your children safe. Mahalo.
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