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AVID Awesomeness

“WHAT!? You have to do Cornell Notes!? No thanks, I don’t want to be in AVID.” This is a common refrain regarding joining the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) elective class. AVID is so much more than Cornell Notes, although learning to take good notes is a skill that will be necessary to success in high school and college. What is AVID besides Cornell Notes and an organized binder? AVID is learning to become stress free through organization, learning to ask questions and think on a higher level, learning about the world through Philosophical Chairs (debates) and Socratic Seminars (discussion and questioning). AVID is all of those things and more, much more.

What makes AVID a privilege to be a part of is that it becomes like a family.  The class comes together in ways most classes don’t.  We support each other academically through our Socratic Seminars, Philosophical Chairs, and tutorials, and bond socially through fun activities. We’ve had an overnighter on campus where we played games, watched a movie,  and then went for a hike the next day. We’ve had beach barbecues, field trips to colleges (UH Manoa, HPU, and KCC) and college fairs, and hosted special guest speakers in our class.  In 2017, both AVID 7th and 8th graders enjoyed an exciting  trip to the Big Island. 

For more information about AVID, please see Ms. Clark (H105) or Ms. Lulla (J205).


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